Pro Wash/Dry

Multi-stage automated washing system. Demanded for dental 3D printing

Pro Wash/Dry was designed with input from the dental community. Inspired by DIY kits all over the world, we leveraged the latest technology (and invented some of our own) to deliver a superior washing experience.
Pro Wash/Dry uses mechanical jetting to rapidly deliver IPA to printed parts. This unique method provides excellent of agitation, reducing wash duration while offering improved cleaning power.
Thanks to a suite of automatic features, the only time you have to touch IPA is when you pour it into the reservoirs. Automatic pumps recycle alcohol, and quick-connect hoses whisk it away.
2 Cycle Wash + Rapid Dry

Mechanical Jetting
Submerging your parts in IPA can get the job done, but it results in a lot of waste alcohol. Pro Wash/Dry uses a patented method to agitate and clean without full submersion. The result: cleaner parts, less waste, and faster workflows.
3 Cycles, One Touch
Wash Efficiency
Wash Efficiency
Wash Efficiency
Fluid Mechanics: The Stuff of Patents

Thanks to its high-powered motor, precisely manufactured propeller, and innovative alcohol delivery method, Pro Wash/Dry can complete a full two-stage wash and dry in less than nine minutes.
10 Minutes Wash/Dry

Pro Wash/Dry was built to be used with SprintRay Pro. Once your print job is finished, simply place your platform in the cradle and press 'Start'. Pro Wash/Dry will automatically perform a two-stage wash and then dry your parts.
Effortless Speed

Set and Forget

Never Think About IPA Again

Pro Wash/Dry comes with precalibrated hydrometers that sink in clean IPA and float when it's dirty. Since you always know when it's time to refresh your IPA, your parts will always come out clean.

Benefits at work
Advanced electronics and mesh-wire plumbing connect all the chambers in Pro Wash/Dry. Recycle dirty alcohol from one chamber to the other with the press of a button.
Reduced Waste

Alcohol Recycling

Pro Wash/Dry can operate with a little as a half-liter of alcohol thanks to the unique way it delivers IPA to your parts. It's a small victory for your pocketbook, a big win for the environment, and a quantum leap in 3D printing wash efficiency.
500 mL to Start
Quick-connect IPA Draining

To drain IPA from Pro Wash/Dry, we've provided a quick-connect hose. It snaps into place, creating a water-tight seal instantly. When you're finished draining, simply press the release ring to instantly stop the flow.
Clean IPA Removal

Easy to Use
We know that one of the most precious resources in a dental clinic is time. So in addition to making Pro Wash/Dry run an extremely fast cycle, we made it dead simple to operate. If your staff can operate a smartphone, they can use Pro Wash/Dry with very little training. And to reduce maintenance, we sourced innovative materials that are resistant to chemicals.
Pro Wash/Dry was designed to fit the SprintRay Pro build platform. But when you need to wash loose parts, simply insert the basket, close the lid, then hit start.
Automatic Wash Mode Detection
To prevent chemicals from dripping onto the touchscreen computer, we set the electronics back under a small shroud. One less thing to worry about.
Shrouded Control Panel
Made with an aluminum chassis and chemical-resistant, translucent plastic, Pro Wash/Dry requires almost no maintenance.
Industrial Grade Materials

If you remove the platform or open the lid during a wash cycle, you don't have to worry about creating a mess. Automatic Stop safeguards your workspace.
Automatic Stop/Start Failsafe

Pro Wash/Dry knows how much IPA it has in each chamber, so if there is insufficient volume it will gently remind you to add more.
Fill Level Sensors
With extra tolerances built-in to the reservoir designs and sensors monitoring fill levels, you'll feel confident no matter who uses Pro Wash/Dry.
Overflow Protection
Technical Specifications

Platform Wash
17 х 12,7 х 7,6 сm
Liquid Level
Monitoring System
Conductive Sensor
Liquid Saturation
Monitoring System

2 Pre-calibrated Hydrometers
Power Requirement

100–240v (Via DC Adapter)
Automatic Start/Stop Sensors
Fill Level Sensor
Wash Solution Required
500 mL Per Reservoir
Basket Wash Envelope
17 х 12,7 х 12,7 сm
Wash Liquid
2 liters per reservoir
Wash Liquid

Isopropyl alcohol 91% (Recommended)
Isopropyl alcohol 99%
3.5" color touch-screen
Microcontroller with upgradable firmware via USB
30 х 30 х 46 сm
Packaging Dimensions
36 х 36 х 50 сm
Liquid Disposal Method
2 Standard Quick Connect Drain Ports
1 Quick Connect Drain Hose with Automatic Cut-off
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