SprintRay Pro

Convenient, powerful and reliable desktop 3D printer for dentistry. Technology should solve problems, not create headaches
SprintRay Pro 55
Incredible precision makes this unit ideal for restorations
Resolution 55 microns and a unique 405nm LED projector
Has a 6-core processor and built from durable aluminum
Power and material
2 inches/hour at 100 microns
1 inch/hour at 50 microns
0.5 in/hour at 20 microns
Print speed
Compatible with all SprintRay certified resins
SprintRay Pro 95
Pushing the boundaries of what's possible in dentistry has never been easier
Increased light intensity provides faster curing and increases print speed up to 2 inches/hour
DLP Technology
6-core computer helps you manage jobs, ensure successful printing and calibration
Innovative technologies
Available materials
Prints up to 21 designs per batch, three times faster than previous models
All printers are compatible
with resins from leading world manufacturers
Get a consultation
Manager will contact you and give a qualified answer to all questions regarding the 3D printer within 10 minutes
SprintRay Pro comes standard with everything necessary to start printing, including a quick start guide and tools to help you get started quickly - from digital model to finished product
Plug in and start printing
Buy SprintRay Pro
Increase your flexibility and push the boundaries of what's possible in dentistry
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