We can confidently say that the Asiga MAX UV is currently the best 3D printer for accurate and high-quality printing for dental and dental purposes. This precision and quality is guaranteed by the Australian approach to technology and the powerful 385nm projector.
  • Smart-Positioning-System Technology  – is a unique technology from the manufacturer ensures that every layer is printed with maximum accuracy without interruption and adhering to the same parameters. This technology allows you to achieve stable quality results.
  • 62 µm – printing accuracy
  • Adaptability and loyalty - Asiga MAX UV is a multipurpose and open source printer that can work with materials from different manufacturers and also has open software.
  • Easy to use - up to 30 seconds for material changes, easy platform calibration and automatic LED calibration with internal radiometer.

  • Aligners
  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Surgical guides
  • Everything related to digital dentistry

Технология печати: DLP

Точность печати: 62 мкм

Совместимость материалов: используйте любые подходящие сторонние материалы (<350 материалов))

Габариты принтера: 260 × 385 × 370 мм

Вес: 19,3 кг

Гарантия: 12 месяцев

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